Campaign API

A list of associated contacts

Each campaign is associated with a list of contacts This list of contacts is managed by Digitaleo's contact management API. Please refer to the documentation for this API for more information.

Multistep campaigns

A Digitaleo campaign can be multistep, with each step itself able to be multichannel. This allows you to generate a single campaign for all of the communication concerning an event (save the date, D-7 reminder, thank yous...).

Multichannel campaigns

Our campaign API now makes it possible to manage the SMS, EMAIL, VOICE and VOICEMAIL channels.

The VOICE channel corresponds to telephone calls (fixed and mobiles) broadcasting a voice message. The VOICEMAIL channel entails leaving a voice message on the answering machine (without ringing the telephone) and is for mobile telephones only.

Campaign types

Digitaleo currently supports 4 different campaign types:

  • STANDARD: Conventional marketing sending campaigns
  • TRIGGERED: Campaigns for which the sending is triggered according to a date present at the contact level. For example, this type of campaign allows you to wish your contacts happy birthday
  • RECURRING: Campaigns sent at regular intervals across the entire list of contacts
  • TRANSACTIONAL: Campaigns for which the sending is done when contacts are added to it. A date can be defined in order to defer the sending of the messages to these new contacts. This type of campaign is not associated with a list of contacts as can be understood for the other types.